Congress Announcement / Call for Papers: The submission of paper proposals to the thematic groups and panels of the 17th Polish Sociological Congress

The Programme Committee of the 17th Polish Sociological Congress invites everyone to send papers to the thematic groups of the sections of the Polish Sociological Association (PSA) and to the inter-centre ones of the 17th Polish Sociological Congress in Wrocław (PSC). The Congress is going to be convened under the theme: “Me, Us, Them? Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging”.

This theme is all-embracing and its power derives from it being addressed directly to everyone and on many levels. It refers to individuals who are not alone in their everyday relations, and along with others constitute ‘Us’ – yet it should be underlined that the existence of ‘Me’ and ‘Us” is possible due to distinguishing – real or only imagined – ‘Them’ without whom description of the social world would be incomplete. Moreover, ‘Them’ is necessary to shape, by means of subjectivity, one’s own identity and determine one’s belonging. “Me. Us. Them?” offers a chance for reflection on one’s own position within the community, within social divisions, in the processes of local as well as a global character, in public life, in consumption and preferences for certain values. At the same time, subjectivity, identity, belonging constitute basic sociological categories without which it is hard to imagine carrying out research and analyses today.

On at the Congress’ website in the bookmark “Programme” one can find lists and abstracts of thematic groups of the sections of the PSA and of the inter-centre ones. In the English version of the website, the thematic groups to be held in English are listed. Among the groups established you can find the ones of a regular character (composed of individual lectures) as well as irregular ones (where individual papers are replaced with other types of presentation, e.g. panels, round tables, discussions, poster sessions, etc.). Operating languages for groups may be Polish and English.

Bearing in mind a maximum of diversity of opinions presented during plenary sessions, symposiums and thematic groups, the Organization Committee of the 17th PSC has guaranteed in the Congress schedule a special time to the groups submitted by the PSA Sections. These groups are organized by the Sections yet they are open for everybody interested in the problems dealt with by the Sections. Some of these groups are in English as well.

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Important dates

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15th March 2019
participants willing to present a paper in thematic groups
15th April 2019
participants willing to organize an additional event
31th August 2019
   participants not willing to present a paper   

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