Congress Announcement / Accompanying Events

We encourage all colleagues to get familiar with and participate in events accompanying the 17th Polish Sociological Congress in Wrocław. The list of events can be found in the attachment. Please, pay attention to the conditions of participation, e.g. a necessity to register at the organizer in the case of some events.

We hope the Polish Sociological Congress will not only pose an opportunity to exchange thoughts between scholars and practitioners but also establish the space for integration for the whole of sociological circle and people interested in social issues.


Get informed!

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To take part in the Congress please register in the Coffee Conference System

Important dates

For details and fees please visit participation section.

15th March 2019
participants willing to present a paper in thematic groups
15th April 2019
participants willing to organize an additional event
31th August 2019
   participants not willing to present a paper   

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