Welcome to the website of the XVII Polish Sociological Congress!

The congresses of the Polish sociologists have a rich tradition that dates back to 1930s. Customarily, there has also been a leading theme accepted. It is referred to by the Congress participants during plenary sessions, symposia and thematic groups which gather the best experts on the issue and the public interested in it. Traditionally, Polish Sociological Congresses have related to contemporary challenges and sought for the answers to the weighty questions, taking into account, among others, the Polish society as well as Europe and the world in the process of change.

The organizers of the 17th Polish Sociological Congress in Wrocław bear in mind the previous themes and the outcomes of the most important meetings of the sociologists in the last twenty-five years. At the same time they express an irresistible need to reach out for the new content and resources. And even if they cannot be really brand new ones, the organizers propose a look at the existing ones from the previously unknown perspective. Hence, the Wrocław Congress is going to be held under the theme “Me, Us, Them? Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging”.


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Important dates

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15th March 2019
participants willing to present a paper in thematic groups
15th April 2019
participants willing to organize an additional event
31th August 2019
   participants not willing to present a paper   

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